MP3 Player Creative – A Wrist Music Player

April 18th, 2013

MP3 Player Creative

Today, Gadtecho Best Gadget column is going to bring out a killer music player concept. Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata has put forwarded this ground breaking design to the world. This wrist music player can accessorize your hands and is hailed as “MP3 Player Creative“.

MP3 Player Creative   A Wrist Music Player MP3 Player Creative   A Wrist Music Player


What’s New in this Wrist Music Player?

The aforementioned wrist music player boasts an OLED screen to display the playlist as thumbnails. That means one finger cuddle with MP3 Player Creative is enough for song selection and volume adjustments.  MP3 player Creative embraces a pair of wireless headphones which can offer a  tangle and chaos free  music on the go. It still remains as a concept and has not been moved to production yet. So there is no point in predicting the price and availability of MP3 Player Creative. This is a dazzling concept and will definitely make a hit when it’s released.  What do you think? Are you ready to slap your wrist with this brand new music player?


  • MP3 Player Creative   A Wrist Music Player

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  • Suvigya Maheshwari

    i want to purchase this wrist player. so please give me the contact no or site, where i should purchase the same.

    or contact me on cell. no. 9906123760

  • harsha harsh

    when will it get released in bangalore ??

    Harsha harsh